Skin Cancer Treatment

The diagnosis of a malignant skin condition can be difficult for the patient as well as his or her family.  At Complete Family Dermatology, Dr. Geoff Basler MD, Brent Behrens PA-C, and Brian Herbin PA-C take every measure to ensure that skin cancer treatment administered at our Lincoln, Nebraska, office and its satellite locations is effective and patient care is compassionate.  One of the most effective means of treatment for skin cancer is Mohs micrographic surgery. Mohs surgery is used to treat basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma, the most common kinds of skin cancer. This treatment offers a 99 percent cure rates and minimizes scarring following surgery. To learn more about Mohs skin cancer treatment offered by our Lincoln-headquartered practice, please contact us today. To better serve patients throughout Southeast Nebraska, we have offices in South Lincoln, East Lincoln, North Lincoln, Northeast Lincoln, Beatrice, Blair, Crete, Falls City, Fremont, Geneva, Hastings, Nebraska City, and York.


Mohs Surgery

The surgeon and the pathologist being one and the same define Mohs surgery. Dr. Basler will gently numb the area with local anesthetic and remove the cancerous area.  The area and the tissue are carefully mapped.  The cancerous tissue is processed by our in-office lab in a way to allow Dr. Basler visualization of 100% of the tumor margin under the microscope.  If a “root” of skin cancer is seen microscopically, Dr. Basler uses the map to take another small piece of tissue from that exact location. The resulting wound is usually repaired immediately with the most appropriate skin reconstruction technique. Patients are usually advised to avoid physical activity for 24 hours following surgery, and receive special instructions on how to care for the wound to facilitate the best possible healing. 

  Are You a Mohs Candidate

Mohs Surgery Candidates

Although most skin cancers can be treated by simple excision or superficial destruction, you may be a good candidate for Mohs skin cancer treatment if the cancer occurs in an area such as the nose, eyelid, lips, or cheeks, where it is important to maintain your appearance by minimizing the possibility of a scar. Mohs surgery is also often recommended for skin cancers that are recurrent, extensive, or when the extent of the lesion is difficult to detect with the naked eye. Of course, it is very important to maintain a regimen of regular check-ups with our dermatologists to detect and treat any suspicious lesions as early as possible.

 Advantages of Mohs

The Advantages of Mohs

Mohs surgery can have advantages over traditional and hospital-based surgery.  Although a complex procedure, Dr. Basler performs Mohs surgery safely and comfortably in a clinic setting.  The procedure allows Dr. Basler to microscopically spot “roots” of aggressive skin cancers to prevent recurrences.  These roots can be removed without traumatizing surrounding healthy skin.  The result is a very high cure rate and the best chance for a pleasing cosmetic result.


Skin cancer can be a frightening diagnosis...

However, patients can take comfort that Dr. Basler trained under the world’s leading Mohs surgeon, Dr. Neil Swanson.  Furthermore, Dr. Basler was the first dermatologist to have an in-house Mohs laboratory in Southeast Nebraska.

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