Top 10 Skin Conditions

Top 10 Skin Conditions Aug 5, 2019 / by Complete Family Dermatology Team

Are you unhappy with your skin? You might have a skin condition that your dermatologist can treat. Dermatologists treat a variety of conditions, and some are more common than others. Here are the top 10 skin conditions dermatologists treat.


Atopic dermatitis, commonly referred to as eczema, causes the skin to become red, itchy, dry, and inflamed. It can even make the skin scaly and cause red bumps to develop. Eczema can appear on your face, neck, wrists, elbows, hands, ankles, and feet. While there is not a cure, a dermatologist can create a treatment plan to control the symptoms.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are embarrassing and can be quite painful. You might think that nothing can be done, but a dermatologist can help. A dermatologist can provide you with medications and creams to treat cold sores and reduce the rate of occurrence.

Dry Skin

Dry, itchy skin is uncomfortable and can make you look older than you are. A dermatologist can treat your chronically dry skin so you no longer have to worry about the discomfort or embarrassment.


Most people consider psoriasis to simply be a cosmetic problem. However, psoriasis can also itch and the affected area might be tender to the touch. Dermatologists have lots of treatment options for this chronic autoimmune disease. Oral medications, light therapy, and topical steroids are just a few of the treatment choices.


If you suffer from vitiligo, you might feel self-conscious. The pigmentation changes are noticeable, and you are tired of people staring or asking questions. A dermatologist can restore some of the color that your skin has lost. There are various treatment options, and a dermatologist will choose one based on your skin type.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis refers to skin allergies that occur after you come into contact with an allergen or irritant. Treatment begins by identifying the source of the allergic reaction. Then, a dermatologist can treat the condition and help you avoid future outbreaks.


Does your face often look flushed? Do you notice skin sensitivity and inflammation? You might have rosacea. The condition likely flairs up and then goes away, and you might have noticed some triggers that make it worse. Fortunately, rosacea is a manageable condition when you seek treatment from a dermatologist.


Melasma causes gray-brown patches to appear on the skin on the face. This is often referred to as the “mask of pregnancy” because it’s so common in pregnant women. Although, anyone can get melasma. When it occurs during pregnancy, it usually goes away after giving birth. However, if you don’t want to wait that long or your condition isn’t caused by pregnancy, a trip to the dermatologist is in order. From laser resurfacing to topical medications, your dermatologist has lots of treatment options.


Warts are caused by viruses that infect the skin. Cutting or damaging your skin makes you more susceptible to getting these unsightly growths. The virus that causes warts is contagious, so the problem can spread. If you need help getting rid of warts, visit a dermatologist.

Actinic Keratosis

Do you have scaly, rough spots on your skin? It might be actinic keratosis. These patches form due to overexposure to the sun and it is possible that they can turn into cancer. A dermatologist needs to diagnose the condition and then provide treatment.

Don’t Suffer From Skin Conditions

If you have a skin condition, you are not alone. Your dermatologist is there to help you with treatment, so schedule an appointment today. To schedule an appointment at Complete Family Dermatology in Lincoln, NE, please call 402-423-1111. We are here for the whole family!

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