National Psoriasis Awareness Month: Shedding Light On a Misunderstood Chronic Skin Condition

National Psoriasis Awareness Month: Shedding Light On a Misunderstood Chronic Skin Condition Aug 10, 2023 / by Complete Family Dermatology Team

Each August, Americans observe National Psoriasis Awareness Month to raise public understanding and increase knowledge about the skin disorder. National Psoriasis Awareness Month aids in spreading awareness of psoriasis and debunks harmful myths. The observance of this month is pivotal in encouraging compassion from the public and supporting patients.Shedding light on the challenges faced by people dealing with psoriasis increases the chances that intensified research will one day result in a cure.
What Is Psoriasis?
Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune skin disorder that affects millions worldwide, including around 8 million Americans. The condition causes red, scaly patches to develop on the skin. It usually affects people between the ages of 15 and 35, but it can occur at any age.The disorder is not contagious and its effects can range from mild to severe.
The Impact of National Psoriasis Awareness Month
National Psoriasis Awareness Month aims to combat stigma and misconceptions around psoriasis. Unnecessary myths make it even harder for people living with the condition because it affects their self-confidence.According to a recent study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, knowledge of psoriasis is severely lacking in the U.S. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine conducted the survey and made startling findings.More than fifty percent (54%) of those surveyed admitted they would not start a relationship with someone if they had psoriasis. Furthermore, nearly forty percent (39.4%) indicated they would not shake hands with a psoriasis patient. Even worse, 32.3% refuse to allow someone with psoriasis inside their home.The results of this study emphasize the need for ongoing awareness. By highlighting the challenges people with psoriasis face, a sense of empathy and support is created within the general public.

Goals of National Psoriasis Awareness Month

Raising Awareness
Throughout August, various awareness campaigns educate the public about psoriasis. Volunteers, social media platforms, and media outlets disseminate information about symptoms, treatment, and helpful resources. Professional and community organizations connect and share stories, statistics, and expert advice.
Reducing Stigma
Psoriasis remains misunderstood because the public tends to attach misconceptions to the condition. Doing this causes a stigma around affected individuals. Observing National Psoriasis Awareness Month provides the ideal opportunity for everyone to dispel dangerous myths. This month also allows people to promote accurate psoriasis information on all platforms and aims to reduce the emotional impact of the condition.
Providing Support
When August rolls around, local support groups, online forums, and helplines double their efforts to reach people living with psoriasis. These organizations help connect patients to resources and supportive networks. Educational materials, brochures, and online resources help educate patients and families about managing the condition effectively.
Advocacy and Research
National Psoriasis Awareness Month serves as a platform for advocacy efforts to improve the lives of those struggling with severe psoriasis. Organizations and advocacy groups actively engage with policymakers to promote legislation that provides access to treatment options. The institutions also raise funds for research to further new treatment initiatives.
The Bottom Line
National Psoriasis Awareness Month provides a powerful reminder that psoriasis is a manageable skin condition. You don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed if you have psoriasis. It is a non-contagious skin disorder that doesn’t have to rule your life.We advise many patients on treatment options and can help you manage your psoriasis. For more information, contact Complete Family Dermatology at (402) 423-1111.

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