11 Tips for Managing Teen Acne

11 Tips for Managing Teen Acne Sep 7, 2021 / by Complete Family Dermatology Team

If you struggle with acne you’re not alone. According to UCDavis Health, 85 percent of teenagers get acne. For girls acne typically starts to appear at age 11, and it develops a couple of years later for boys. Unfortunately, acne can last well into your 20s and can continue into adulthood. There’s not an end-all, be-all when it comes to acne, but there are some helpful tips for managing teen acne. Here’s what we recommend:  

Use over-the-counter acne products 

    • Use over-the-counter acne products, like face wash and spot treatment, to deal with those problem areas. Salicylic acid is commonly found in acne treatments and is known for helping the skin shed dead cells and decreasing redness and inflammation. 

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day

    • Wash your face every morning and night with a gentle cleanser. Gently lather it on your face, use lukewarm water to rinse off, and pat your face dry with a clean towel. Look for a cleanser that is hydrating and has no active ingredients.

Avoid harsh scrubs and cleansers 

    • Many acne-fighting scrubs and cleansers have sulfates, which can be rough and drying to your skin. That tingle, itch, and burn that you get from your acne-fighting products may make it seem like they’re actively working, but it is actually stripping your skin of moisture, so you should avoid these harsh products. 

Wear clean face masks

    • Germs, makeup, and oils can build up a residue on face masks, which can worsen your acne. Use a gentle detergent with the hottest water when washing, and use the highest heat setting when drying. Masks made from silk or cotton that are breathable and have a looser fit will be less irritating to your face.

Shower after sweating 

    • Showering after sweating is good for you for numerous reasons, but it’s especially beneficial for reducing the risk of acne. Acne breakouts can be caused by the bacteria rapidly multiplying on your skin after a sweat session, so it’s good to rinse off in the shower or at least wash your face. 

Act fast when acne appears

    • It’s easier to treat acne from the onset rather than waiting until it includes multiple breakouts. When you catch acne at the beginning stages, you can likely treat it quicker, reduce scarring, and help it from becoming severe. 

Avoid excessive amounts of makeup

    • It can be tempting to layer on more makeup to cover up a problem spot, but you should really let your skin breathe. Cosmetics can cause pores to clog and worsen acne. If you choose to wear makeup, find products that are non-comedogenic and are acne-fighting. 

Wear sunscreen on your face every day 

    • Sun exposure can make your acne worse, and some acne medications can make your skin more sensitive and prone to sunburns, so you’ll want to wear sunscreen every day. 

Don’t touch your face and don’t pop your pimples

    • Avoiding touching your face will help reduce the spread of germs and help ease your acne. Touching your face is a common cause of breakouts especially around the chin and cheeks. To go along with this, do not pop your pimples or pick at your scabs as that will make your breakouts and scarring worse.

Clean eyeglasses regularly

    • Glasses can cause acne as there may be too much pressure on the skin. With the glasses pushing down on the skin’s surface, it’s not able to shed the skin cells as normal, which then clogs up the pores and causes acne. You can avoid this from happening by getting your glasses re-adjusted or wiping down your glasses with an alcohol wipe. 

Be patient

    • No matter how badly you want your acne to disappear, you must have patience. Acne treatments and medications are not a quick fix and can take up to 12 weeks to produce visual results. If you start a new treatment, you must be willing to be dedicated to your routine. Only consistent treatment and patience will do the trick. 

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